Finally, you will learn that there is a relationship between the level of risk for an investment and the potential reward or return on that investment. Managing Your Paycheck - Withholdings 3. 1. Concluding the Lesson . (3 points) 3. Gross pay… The other option that's also used by many employers is direct deposit. Encourage students to share their answers. 6. ��5V��b{��X���B�!�(r�_��T���2�΋=�}R����b�;��)�������|%���wHk�b�����M�W ?���$ڬ�����Hnt}�;�Ф�dr�3�_��OL� �d0�; ���bv5�2��um�}�$���"�w��8� L��x�4B��lK��g�=͑�fM\�4:�֥=p[ڝ��| ��1g���y�yE�/3�����y �^�^3z��ձ��ؾ Doss High School Magnet Career Academy, SURVEY . $��A���1��h�D���� � !0H��?2012���H�q�W� �J ! Understanding Your Paycheck (with related pretest) 2. Approximately what percentage of a person’s paycheck is deducted? Many employers check applicants' credit history prior to hiring. Managing Your Paycheck - Deductions 4. endstream endobj 64 0 obj <>stream In this lesson you will calculate compound interest to identify the benefits of saving in interest-bearing accounts. How does a payroll card work? Present Planet Paycheck PowerPoint presentation 2.13.1.G1. 74 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[59 29]/Info 58 0 R/Length 81/Prev 107029/Root 60 0 R/Size 88/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Showing 1 - 69 of 69 resources. Payday will be on December 1. $1,100.00. Suggested Money Lesson Plan for this Worksheet . h�bbd``b`�$�� �� Example for calculating APR (less than a year long): Bob borrowed $500 to pay a bill. The Form W-4, I-9 and W-2 can be downloaded from the IRS and U.S. Explain that income is money earned by a worker. $1,102.50. Sally’s paycheck deductions include: 6.2% Social Security, 1.45% Medicare, $116.25 Federal Withholding Tax, $39.44 State Withholding Tax, and $72.66 401K. The answer key is at the end of this Teacher's Guide. The first one has been done for you. Interpret sample pay stubs lesson two quiz Quiz 2-5 is in the Student Activity section. endstream endobj 63 0 obj <>stream Lesson 2: "W" Is for Wages, W4 and W2 Students compute the gross pay for a fictional John Dough given his hourly wage and the number of hours worked. �0 y@U\ Getting Your Paycheck - Direct Deposit, Check or Payroll Card (with related activity) 5. PAYCHECK MATH Directions: In the following example, employees are paid an hourly rate of $8.80 for the first 40 hours within a given week. Explain the difference between a non-interest bearing account and an interest-bearing account. The finance charge was $25, and the term was 7 days. How does direct deposit work? Businesses usually offer a few payment methods for obtaining your paycheck. Expanding Your Paycheck - Benefits and Services to Consider 6. Earnings Statement They learn how to complete a W-4 form and what a W-2 form is. 0 GETTING PAID WORD PROBLEMS. Pay Period February 2009 Directions: Answer the following questions to provide the information for the paycheck stub. Acces PDF Understanding Your Paycheck Answers Understanding Your Paycheck Answers Recognizing the way ways to acquire this ebook understanding your paycheck answers is additionally useful. Credit history may affect the price you pay … Explain that B is the false statement because even minors have to pay taxes on money they earn. You will learn the "Rule of 72" and apply it to both investments and debt. • Lesson 2 (pdf) • Whiteboard (SMART/notebook) %%EOF Lesson Planet. endstream endobj startxref Permission is granted to reprint or photocopy this lesson in its … Some of the worksheets displayed are understanding your paycheck my notes analyzing pay stubs 2 contents 20 min reading a pay stub reading a pay stub extension activity for managing money its your paycheck lesson 2 w is for wages w 4 and w 2 federal reserve bank of kansas city lesson plan 18 lesson plan one. Susan’s gross pay= 85 hours x $18.00 23. h�b```"SV ~�g`��0pl r@"��g6��Y����k��Lf�cFc��'���3O10��U�vv���g�V߁ �=R{`����80I�Ǝ�(��l� ���0�9@If�$ag �*c�������Kۘ$�eD0uXˉ\�d��� ֢��8a&H%���}>c@� �Q� They learn about credit history, credit reports and credit-reporting agencies. H��V�N�0��+rL���8�i*/!ι�����!�ʪg�5(ב3;;�YGu�Z�+U-�c�oޗ��ꈴ7�h0)=��~A��@��O��6���8\��4̀�� �y��$�S. Ballard High School, get the understanding your paycheck answers link that we present here and check out the link. 1. Citizenship and Immigration Services websites to pass out for students to see. �����6�8��6�7���ߧ݊�Zk��L��}�"��) )�5t�{�gt�)��y���.�`���JB�C��-;��% JI�QW�8%�|IpZ(n�W��,$�n���2�hmx'Mϭ��x/�i�� ��SP�E �8��;�j��vwޒ%��4�Or��O��;JM3���_���|���)&�c�U7p1����V�n���B&��Uں-fχH*xDuB��.Ҳ��'RU>��P�d�naa�欪���芖x�ʾ�--K��)������g[豥M@F�_��Ũ�In���n �)�I�#� \�q ©2014, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The Fine Print: Reading Your Pay Stub | Share My Lesson interpreting pay stubs 1. X����o���*�� hAA�� ^�K)�V��W���Ϣ����ܭ�{;mM����՗6>��(��~�� 2�-" �iYU��Z?��$��q��"�(��f&$ו�uEM��[qO'��여�X��d\���"?-�� �_]��7]YA�qa�iD��~wQ� ����d�|���m�Z7��$l䙎��)��o����P���h�!��`ah%��Q'��O ��a+fn��O37bl�$��Q�z�3v��em�.�v~����_ĝ5#�y1��?gl���&o����2إ���d�^��&m@Y�S�[%�d?g�2��׽� �֌}���p�I��ϒF;T�ޠ��Ru�]�x��y{�ob5���j�6XQ� H��U�N�0��+rL�y_D* Usk� � ��� Give an introductory lesson about earning money to your students. Susan worked 85 hours in the last pay period and she earns $18 per hour. �Ѯ��Y�g�pL�4���jU����Vd�,,U�eEdF��d�j� �̘C When you work, you often will receive an earnings statement with your paycheck. What two forms must an employee complete when beginning a new job? Sally earns $12.00 an hour. 9/18/2016 Lesson 4 Quiz Flashcards | Quizlet 1/2 Lesson 4 Quiz 20 terms by Ijeoma-Danielle Government can reallocate resources of an economy through taxes, _____ payments, and by providing direct services transfer In our macro Circular Flow, the Businesses are choosing to borrow _____ billion dollars 500 A _____ marginal rate is found in United States federal income tax. Warren East High School, Calculate the gross pay in the table below. Borden, IN, Strauzie Miller, a. Any hours over 40 are paid at the “time and a half” rate,” which is $13.20. Find Payroll lesson plans and worksheets. Moore Traditional High School, Getting Paid Word Problems. Tags: Question 21 . Deduction. Tell students that today’s lesson is about net earnings, taxes and other deductions they may encounter on their paystubs, as well as how they can make the most out of deductions to maximize savings. ߇�D� �$j�&u�� �D��hI����I���z����B�xE�)Jc�R���#�� %8@k%���I""%��4��ƈ�P�D"�w�`r�T�q=� w7(�50ܿ�.��Ýb�����~�9�-߷7f-�(��nX>�V��(��|�^�}���,��׹d+�y��R�SW)ވ�RAʹ��s7sJٵ�W���K��9)�Z��%|�MU�A}�@-�a^u ��3�V�������J� �JV%����. Susan worked 85 hours in the last pay period and she earns $18 per hour. %PDF-1.6 %���� The stub shows how long you worked, what you earned, and how much you paid in taxes and other costs. Lesson Planet. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Understanding your paycheck, Federal reserve bank of kansas city, Understanding pacycheck deductions, Directions using the pay check stub above answer the, Understanding taxes and your paycheck, Independent living skills module i, Nderstanding our paycheck … Butler Traditional High School, Start them on the right financial track with nine lessons that focus on a variety of important personal finance skills that they will carry with them throughout their adult lives. It's Your Paycheck Lesson 2 posted May 16, 2013, 5:57 AM by Mr T It's Your Paycheck Lesson 2 posted Apr 18, 2013, 6:58 AM by Jay Taylor [ updated Apr 18, 2013, 7:59 AM ] Answer the following Questions Before you begin your Paycheck Module 2 Lesson. The first is simply receiving a physical paper check. Economic Contributions of Native Americans to Washington State For Teachers 9th - 12th. This allows your employer to electronically transfer your paycheck directly to your bank account. They compare gross pay to net pay. This pay period she worked 173 hours. (1 point) 5. HK *����Uv���`-�_c-Zy7�\ap���=Rp|v�yAi@n�``�*��vO4�1'��ZKk�$�3y^��G���uD�0y,�� $_____ Pay Period February 2009 Directions: Answer the following questions to provide the information for the paycheck stub. Credit history may affect your ability to obtain a job. What amount will Ms. Kreeps receive on her paycheck? Louisville, KY, Lacy Rise, Choose the closest answer. A word problem making money worksheet on hourly wages income payments. Step 5: After students have completed the questions, use your copy of the Answer Key: Plan, Save, Succeed! Borden Junior/Senior High School, Bowling Green, KY, Krista Hunt, endstream endobj 60 0 obj <> endobj 61 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0 0 612 792]/Type/Page/u2pMat[1 0 0 -1 0 792]/xb1 0/xb2 612/xt1 0/xt2 612/yb1 0/yb2 792/yt1 0/yt2 792>> endobj 62 0 obj <>stream Susan’s gross pay= 85 hours x $18.00 23. —If your gross weekly pay is $500, your deduction is 2.5% of $500: $500.00 × â€¦ from your paycheck. 59 0 obj <> endobj Susan works the same amount of hours each month. Payroll and Income Tax: Madley Brath #5 ... Students answer 5 questions. $1,500.00. endstream endobj 65 0 obj <>stream (2 points) 6. H��V�n�@��+Ε)æv�M�V ő��;;M$E�*E~?�ɣ$s�:�)�vo_3K-w{�?~�M#�[�,����>�*�/�l^���)���ŗ泠��d��X[q�4F;�tL�D��&^ݨ�h�N���4��݀*�>wIq�ʸB��lp �wd0����C��a Student Lesson—Payroll Taxes and Federal Income Tax Withholding Tax Tutorial—Payroll Taxes and Federal Income Tax Withholding Simulation 1—Completing Form W-4 ... Answer: No, they are not required to report the tips for that month. You have remained in right site to start getting this info. Earning Money - Taxi Driver - Job Lesson. What was the APR for Bob's loan? Warren East High School, The downloading To make sure you did not make a mistake in your record keeping, To make sure the bank did not make a mistake in their record keeping, To make certain that mistakes do not lead to overdraft fees. Louisville, KY, Debra Robinson, Ballard High School, wp ��P�v (1 point) 4. 87 0 obj <>stream —Suppose your employer has a “matching” retirement plan. Practice earning money skills with a taxi driver theme. Susan works the same amount of hours each month. Slide 5: Planet Paycheck Navigation c. Slide 6: First Job! 5 percent interest “compounded semiannually” means that every six months ½ of 5 percent interest—that is, 2.5 percent interest—is paid on the principal and any accrued interest. Understanding Your Paycheck - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept.. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Reading A Check Stub. Calculate interest compounded semiannually. Bowling Green, KY, Cheri Klausing, �.��}B���˦2I;��Q�t�0!Լ�gV����Xd�pĦs�r�_ ��} 20 seconds . When you have finished this lesson you should be able to: David B. Ballard, Dawn C. Conner, Mary C. Suiter, Ph.D. – Original Authors, Laura Cline, You will learn the "Rule of 72" and apply it to both investments and debt. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Paycheck stub 2, Paycheck stub 1, Worked, Federal reserve bank of kansas city, Produced by the federal reserve bank of louis, Its your paycheck lesson 2 w is for wages w 4 and w 2, Understanding your paycheck lesson plan, Understanding your paycheck. Worksheets printable to review answers with the class. d. Slide 7 – 9: Starting a New Job a. This It's Your Paycheck Unit is suitable for 6th - 12th Grade. It's Your Paycheck Lesson 5 In this lesson you will calculate compound interest to identify the benefits of saving in interest-bearing accounts. answer choices . As you review the answers, make sure that students understand the difference between voluntary deductions like charity and savings, and involuntary deductions like taxes. $_____ They read a scenario about a young person's use of a credit card and answer questions regarding repayment. Credit history affects all aspects of your life, including your ability to open a bank account, buy a car, get a cell phone, obtain a credit card or rent an apartment. Requires students to use reasoning, prior knowledge, and preconceptions to determine whether each paycheck s What are the three methods an employer may use to pay his/her employees? AzL�M��O�g����YWX"t����� ��j���8\;���F�. Upon completion of this lesson, participants will be able to: ... Understanding Your Paycheck – Page 2 Funded by a grant from Take Charge America, Inc. to the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences Take Charge America Institute at The University of Arizona account. Slide 4: Title Slide b. (1 point) 2. Hourly pay, monthly pay, annual pay, overtime pay. hެ�_o�6�� Ten Actions to Get More from Your Paycheck If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Before you cash that check, read the pay stub to make sure you’re getting the right amount. In order to do this, you'll need to provide your employer with a voided check from your bank account or your routing an… It's Your Paycheck Lesson posted Jun 5, 2012, 12:00 PM by John Adam [ updated Jun 5, 2012, 12:03 PM] Complete Lessons 1-9 below. Here are some words that may appear on a pay stub. Reading a pay stub worksheet. It's Your Paycheck Lesson 5 In this lesson you will calculate compound interest to identify the benefits of saving in interest-bearing accounts. 3. You choose toput in 2.5% of your salary, and your employer matches this by contributing the same amount. $1,052.50. 2. Beyond reading and arithmetic, one of the most important skills for graduating seniors to have is fiscal literacy and responsibility. Louisville, KY, Anthony Harper, They learn what FICA and federal income taxes are. Ƙ��~���8����0�G�J�Je勰z|�%���1���C��M��;��4�Aq�@�~���gߥ5w��dT���6yo�a� Louisville, KY. It’s Your Paycheck! Get Free Access See Review. �p W���>�na Includes two rounds of questions, instructions, answer sheets, and keys. Forgetting to include taxes when estimating the amount of your paycheck. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Understanding Your Paycheck. Paycheck game allows teams to test their financial literacy concerning paycheck concepts, facts, laws, and statistics. Just like any other check, it can be cashed or deposited to your bank accountif you have one. Q. If you deposited money in a savings account that paid 1% interest, approximately how long would it take your money to double? Louisville, KY, Sam Rego, Lesson 7 financial literacy and understanding your paycheck Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. She has a retirement package. You will learn the "Rule of 72" and apply it to both investments and debt. Paycheck Stub - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept.. EARNINGS STATEMENT. Drag and drop each word to its definition.
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