Nope, they are horrific menaces to other species. Some aim to stop him. 4. Otters are playful, often wrestling or spending hours sliding down muddy or snow-packed stream banks. It’s without a doubt that otters are some of the most adorable mammals to ever grace the planet. The other, Mustelinae, includes badgers, weasels, and ferrets, among other similar mammals. The males will grasp the female, then bite down onto … Most have sharp claws on their feet and all except the sea otter have long, muscular tails. River otter definition is - any of various Old and New World otters (especially genera Lutra and Lontra); especially : one (Lontra canadensis) of Alaska, Canada, and the conterminous U.S. found in aquatic environments from marine coastal regions to high mountains. It is said that they shapeshift into bōzu (a kind of monk) and appear before passers-by, and if the passer-by tries to get close and look up, its height steadily increases until it becomes a large bōzu. Because the otter food source is easier to excavate from rocky-bottom habitats, as opposed to soft-bottom habitats, more otters tend to live in waters with rocky bottoms with access to shallow-burrowing prey. Penguins are really, really evil. [4][5], An otter's den is called a holt or couch. Otters have long, slim bodies and relatively short limbs. The prized trophy that hunters would take from the otters was the penis bone, which would be worn as a tie-pin. God, I hate being called “a … Harris cites another study that finds that about 11 percent of sea otters found dead on the California coast from 1998 to 2001 were killed, at least in part, by trauma associated with mating. Trump wants to send $23 billion in advanced weapons to the Middle Eastern autocracy. Sea otter males can be just plain mean. Otter’s symbolism and meaning reflects the ability to play, and to find renewed joy in your life for balancing out the more stressful or demanding times in life. [31], In the Tsugaru region, Aomori Prefecture, they are said to possess humans. If you think it’s adorable, it’s probably evil. Sea otters, by contrast, nearly went extinct due to aggressive pelt hunting in the early part of the 20th century. In practice, otters are mostly endangered and taking them from the wild to start a domestic breeding populartion would be an immoral and destructive thing to do. It is lined with moss and grass. I couldn't find any reports of attacks on humans from sea otters, but that may just be a function of sea otters being much rarer than river otters, and spending less time on or near dry land than river otters do. Genus †Vishnuonyx After one month, the pup can leave the holt and after two months, it is able to swim. The gestation period in otters is about 60 to 86 days. The tails of otters were often made into items for men to wear. They can be of any racial or ethnic background. They also play by nudging sticks across the water, and by dropping pebbles to the bottom and retrieving them. The male forced the pup under water as if trying to drown it. Lontra This traps a layer of air which keeps them dry, warm, and somewhat buoyant under water. Genus †Lutravus A gay man who is very hairy all over his body, but is smaller in frame and weighs considerably less than a bear. If you read Gavin Maxwell’s book, Ring of Bright Water, two things emerge. See more. Otters are monogamous creatures who mate for life. Get our newsletter in your inbox twice a week. Hydrictis More otters -> fewer sea urchins -> more kelp -> less global warming. In Irish mythology, the character Lí Ban was turned from a woman into a mermaid, half human and half salmon, and given three hundred years of life to roam the oceans. They spend most of their time in the water, whereas other otters spend much of their time on land. They hold each others's hands. †Enhydritherium Otters’ dick game is getting weaker, and toxic oil waste products are to blame, according to a new study in the journal Chemosphere. In both cases, the male was swimming, diving, guarding, and copulating with the carcass. The UK Biodiversity Action Plan envisages the re-establishment of otters by 2010 in all the UK rivers and coastal areas they inhabited in 1960. Unlike most marine mammals (such as seals or whales), sea otters do not have a layer of insulating blubber. Those efforts are admirable and valuable to the ecosystems of which otters are a part. They come in many sizes. They even love to live in swamp and marsh areas. The pup lives with its family for approximately one year. The species' recovery has been considerably slower in California relative to other areas. Baby ones raised in captivity squeak when introduced to water for the first time. Genus †Siamogale. Well, that true. Humans aren't on the menu. A shorter trachea may improve air exchange and increase lung ventilation in diving mammals. Hell, once employed its own full-time otter enthusiast. Different species vary in their social structure, with some being largely solitary, while others live in groups – in a few species these groups may be fairly large. In nature, there are two types of Otters, one in the sea and one who lives in rivers. There are 13 species of otters, in seven genera, according to Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS). I’m putting an end to the ongoing trend of how cute and innocent sea otters are. With their sweet appearance and playful nature, it may seem impossible that otters are dangerous. [25], In popular Korean mythology, it is told that people who see an otter (soodal) will attract 'rain clouds' for the rest of their lives. The European otter (Lutra lutra), also called the Eurasian otter, inhabits Europe, most of Asia and parts of North Africa. It has long been associated with Women’s medicine. Otters are mammals of the subfamily Lutrinae, one of two subfamilies contained … Otters are carnivores, eating mainly fish, crayfish, and frogs. And wolves are bears that are more aggressive and overtly masculine. Sampling along the coast of Washington State found more than 70 percent of otters there tested positive for H1N1. Genus †Sivaonyx There is no selfishness in otter. Likely, all of this "play" helps the otter to hone its skills as a skilled predator. †Siamogale Sea otters are awful. For other uses, see, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, "Multigene phylogeny of the Mustelidae: Resolving relationships, tempo and biogeographic history of a mammalian adaptive radiation", "Building large trees by combining phylogenetic information: a complete phylogeny of the extant Carnivora (Mammalia)", "Sea Otter – Enhydra lutris – facts, video, and sound", "Otter Hunting AKA Otter Hunting Begins – British Pathé", "Fishing with Otters: a Traditional Conservation Practice in Bangladesh", "Native American Indian Otter Legends, Meaning and Symbolism from the Myths of Many Tribes",,, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Old English (ca. Two species are marine; the others live mostly in fresh water. The otter symbolizes strong family bonds, adaptability, maternal instincts, playfulness, and being good natured. the fight against catastrophic climate change, The 12 Days of Christmas: The story behind the holiday’s most annoying carol, How voice actors are fighting to change an industry that renders them invisible, “The stakes are life and death”: Addiction treatment’s Covid-19 challenge, A bipartisan group of senators wants to pass emergency Covid-19 relief. Bitch otters reach sexual maturity at approximately two years of age and males at approximately three years. Millions of people rely on Vox to understand how the policy decisions made in Washington, from health care to unemployment to housing, could impact their lives. As explained by the National Wildlife Foundation's Robyn Carmichael, sea otters frequently eat sea urchins, which in turn are known for eating massive amounts of kelp, which is very good at taking in carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. although it is the female who raises the offspring almost completely alone. You cannot keep one as a pet in the US. Genus †Limnonyx [26]. There are numerous species of otters and they are wild animals, not pets. Humans aren't on the menu. The otter symbolizes strong family bonds, adaptability, maternal instincts, playfulness, and being good natured. Most mustelids, including otters, have specialized teeth, including sharp canines and carnassials that inflict lethal bites to prey. Among fluffy kittens and big eyed puppies, one of Earth's cutest animals is often said to be the cuddly little otter. 4. The word otter derives from the Old English word otor or oter. This, and cognate words in other Indo-European languages, ultimately stem from the Proto-Indo-European language root *wódr̥, which also gave rise to the English word "water". River otters are not currently threatened, and are pervasive in Canada and the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico coastal areas in the US. However, just because an otter is spotted on the coast does not mean it’s a sea otter. Otters live near lakes or ponds and burrow in ditches, so interaction with people can occur. Otter Totem. There are 13 species of otters, in seven genera, according to Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS). That’s t… [29], In the kaidan, essays, and legends of the Edo period like the "Urami Kanawa" (裏見寒話),[30] "Taihei Hyaku Monogatari" (太平百物語), and the "Shifu Goroku" (四不語録), there are tales about strange occurrences like otters that shapeshift into beautiful women and kill men. Is the pandemic making people more generous — or more selfish. Aonyx One studyfound that kelp beds where sea otters are present soak up 12 times as much carbon dioxide as beds where they're not. Sign up for the Here's how biologists Heidi Pearson and Randall Davis describe it: A male approached a pup floating on the surface while its mother was diving for food. Lutrinae is a branch of the Mustelidae family, which also includes weasels, badgers, mink, and wolverines, among other animals. †Teruelictis †Vishnuonyx. It's been reported in primates like orangutans and chimpanzees, bottlenose dolphins, and ducks, among many other species. I have seen otters that have adopted members of other species as friends or young, and other otters that have bitten, chased and savaged everything that moved. Pteronura The otter's table manners are "terrible," at least through our human eyes. Dolphins are evil. [19], Traffic (the wildlife trade monitoring network) reported that otters are at serious risk in Southeast Asia and have disappeared from parts of their former range. Second, otters can give you H1N1, better known as "swine flu," as our friends at The Verge have reported. But don't be fooled by the hand holding and cheek rubbing seen in pictures used for memes, posters, and throw pillows, otters are still wild animals and can be dangerous. It is the symbol of grace and empathy. Lutrinae contains seven genuses and 12 different species, spanning every continent save Australia and Antarctica; a 13th species, the Japanese river otter, was declared extinct in 2012, like many otter species before it. Moreover, sea otters have in at least some cases shown a willingness to attack primates, as in the case of the above sea otters in the Bronx Zoo, which killed a monkey with whom they shared an exhibit. Sea otters are mainly native to the northeastern seaboards of the Pacific Ocean, so they aren’t spotted in areas like the East Coast or the Gulf of Mexico. The largest otter is the giant otter… The Asian small-clawed otter is the smallest otter species and the giant otter and sea otter are the largest. If you haven’t, help us keep our journalism free for everyone by making a financial contribution today, from as little as $3. They are not "wonderful animals," as Ms. Deschanel would have you believe. Just because otters don't build dams, it doesn't mean they are harmless to property. [20], For many generations, fishermen in southern Bangladesh have bred smooth-coated otters and used them to chase fish into their nets. You bet they do! Otters can be mean, and they can be kind, it depends on the individual otter’s personality. People that were financially high in status also wore them. Sea otters are hunters of clams, sea urchins and other shelled creatures. [17], Otters have also been hunted using dogs, specifically the otterhound. They gather branches, smaller trees and rocks to build a dam or a nest for themselves and their young. It is the longest member of the weasel family, Mustelidae, a globally successful group of predators, reaching up to 1.7 metres (5.6 ft).Atypical of mustelids, the giant otter is a social species, with family groups typically supporting three to eight members. This is often supplemented by frogs, crayfish and crabs. [11] Some otters are experts at opening shellfish, and others will feed on available small mammals or birds. They can be top or bottom and many identify as versatile. A decent share of the attacking otters have been rabid; in the '90s, 46 percent of otter attacks involved rabies, and in the '00s, 24 percent did. although it is the female who raises the offspring almost completely alone. Otters are part of the Mustelidae family, which is a family of … Even some types of mittens for children have been made from the fur of otters. And I guess I get the appeal. [15] As with other species of otter, they rely on a layer of air trapped in their fur, which they keep topped up by blowing into the fur from their mouths. They're merciless hellspawn who use their intellects for great evil. †Sivaonyx For most otters, fish is the staple of their diet. Otters are mammals of the subfamily Lutrinae, one of two subfamilies contained within the family Mustelidae. The permit requirements for river otters … They are able to stay well hidden in these types of environments which makes them less like to fall victim to a variety of predators on land. By dick game, I mean their actual penis bones, which are getting more brittle. 4. As one who has actually known a few otters, I can tell you that they tend to be curious, friendly and playful. They also play by nudging sticks across the water, and by dropping pebbles to the bottom and retrieving them. Approximately that brutal. Although once near extinction, they have begun to spread again, from remnant populations in California and Alaska. The researchers found four prior scientific publications documenting attacks, including one that reported a deadly otter attack in India. Gay otters are so cute! [18] From 1958 to 1963, the 11 otter hunts in England and Wales killed 1,065 otters between them. Their most striking anatomical features are the powerful webbed feet used to swim, and their seal-like abilities holding breath underwater. Deceased otter spiritual dream meaning and symbolism If a dead otter appears, this can mean a break in relationships . "[27][28] There are darker stories, such as one from Kaga Province (now Ishikawa Prefecture) in which an otter that lives in the castle's moat shapeshifts into a woman, invites males, and then kills and eats them. †Lutravus Legend has it they save human lives on occasion: But there comes a point at which rational people have to put adorable hijinks aside and recognize otters for what they are: disease-ridden, murderous, necrophilic aqua-weasels whose treachery knows few bounds. In the Noto region, Ishikawa Prefecture, there are stories where they shapeshift into beautiful women or children wearing checker-patterned clothing. The battle over Trump’s huge UAE arms deal, explained. †Algarolutra Four different species of otter live in Central or South America, another three in South and Southeast Asia, two in sub-Saharan Africa, and one in Europe. Lutrinae is a branch of the Mustelidae family, which also includes weasels, badgers, mink, and wolverines, among other animals. Indeed, trauma is the norm from sea otter mating, not the exception. They are notable for their ability to use stones to break open shellfish on their stomachs. In addition to being hairy, “otters” are often thought of as a “masculine” type. Genus †Enhydritherium However, we noticed a conundrum that many readers seem to get themselves into. They perform pranks like extinguishing the fire of the paper lanterns of people who walk on roads at night, shapeshifting into a beautiful woman of 18 or 19 years of age and fooling people, or tricking people and making them try to engage in sumo against a rock or a tree stump. The giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis) inhabits South America, especially the Amazon river basin, but is becoming increasingly rare due to poaching, habitat loss, and the use of mercury and other toxins in illegal alluvial gold mining. This fur serves as a life jacket and allows them to float. †Lartetictis Firstly that they can and will unpredictably bite you, and secondly, it is not an advasntage for them to stop being wary and afraid of humans. Fine, fine, I'll give them this much: they appear to be helpful in the fight against catastrophic climate change. The case against otters: necrophiliac, serial-killing fur monsters of the sea. Genus †Cyrnaonyx From their curious faces to their charming behaviors, the otters of the world have earned the title of many nature lovers’ favorite creatures. The Otter is a wonderful creature. Here’s where to donate your money. [34] In the Kagakushū, a dictionary from the Muromachi period, an otter that grew old becomes a kappa. Population levels reached a low point in the 1980s, but are now recovering strongly. Help keep Vox free for all by make a contribution today. Otters. Otters are carnivores, eating mainly fish, crayfish, and frogs. Genus †Algarolutra But the last 40 years haven't consisted of unerring progress for the sea otter. In some areas, this is a protected species, and some places have otter sanctuaries that help sick and injured otters to recover. [28], In the town of Numatachi, Asa District, Hiroshima Prefecture (now Hiroshima), they are called "tomo no kawauso" (伴のカワウソ) and "ato no kawauso" (阿戸のカワウソ). †Cyrnaonyx By the time the 1911 Fur Seal Treaty gave them protection, so few sea otters remained that the fur trade had become unprofitable. Sea otters eat shellfish and other invertebrates (especially clams, abalone, and sea urchins). However, otters can be aggressive when necessary. Otters are considered lucky animals in many Native American cultures and the otter is a symbol of loyalty and honesty in some West Coast tribes, but in northern British Columbia and the Alaskan coast, river otters (usually called "land-otters") were associated with ghosts and drowning and were regarded by the people with awe and dread. Either due to better reporting or to increased otter savagery, the numbers grew over the decades, from three in the 1980s to 13 in the 1990s to 17 in the 2000s. Otters have been hunted for their pelts from at least the 1700s, although it may have begun well before then. You've probably seen the image macros floating around Facebook, exclaiming over how they hold hands while they sleep to make sure they don't drift apart. Enhydra They rape baby seals and hold each other’s pups hostage for food. Otters prefer to live in bodies of water that are close to land offering them wetlands or the woods close by. [28] In places like the Hokuriku region, Kii, and Shikoku, the otters are seen as a type of kappa. There has been a long history of otter pelts being worn around the world. Here's what you need to know about these terrible animals, and why you should fear and hate them. The 13 extant otter species are all semiaquatic, aquatic or marine, with diets based on fish and invertebrates. At 105 min into the encounter, the sea otter released the pup, now dead, and began grooming.You read that correctly. Early hunting methods included darts, arrows, nets and snares but later, traps were set on land and guns used. Trump’s pardon shenanigans are ramping up, It took a pandemic to change the movie business. Active– Otters love to move around, swim and they always look like they are up to something. They come in many sizes. Ten months later, this same male was observed with the carcass of another female sea otter. Most species hunt for three to five hours each day and nursing mothers up to eight hours each day. For the record, I'm not actually against attempts to save sea otters as a species. It grows from 4.9 to 5.9 feet (1.5 to 1.8 meters) long. Otter definition, any of several aquatic, furbearing, weasellike mammals of the genus Lutra and related genera, having webbed feet and a long, slightly flattened tail. Gay otters can be of any age, usually starting from mid-20’s to later adulthood. In the British Isles, they were common as recently as the 1950s, but became rare in many areas due to the use of chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides, habitat loss and water pollution (they remained relatively common in parts of Scotland and Ireland). Finally, the sea otter positioned itself dorsal to the pup’s smaller body while grasping it by the head and holding it underwater in a position typical of mating sea otters. Sea otters murder even when it doesn't provide them with food or offspring, like straight-up sociopathic spree killers. (41 kilograms).The smallest otter is the Asian small-clawed otter, which grows up to 2.9 fee… It is the smallest otter species in the world, reaching a … Roadkill deaths have become one of the significant threats to the success of their re-establishment. Several otter species live in cold waters and have high metabolic rates to help keep them warm. His lawsuits have flopped, certifications are proceeding on schedule, and state legislatures aren’t seriously trying to interfere. [36], In China, like in Japan, there are stories where otters shapeshift into beautiful women in old books like In Search of the Supernatural and the Zhenyizhi (甄異志). In nature, there are two types of Otters, one in the sea and one who lives in rivers. And that kind of work takes resources. While the governments of the US, Canada, Japan, and Russia signed a treaty banning the hunting of sea otters, it took the Endangered Species Act — under which sea otters gained protection in 1977 — for a recovery to begin in earnest. The largest otter is the giant otter. 450-1100)-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2017, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 13:55. When a baby otter is born they are called a 'Pup' and have the fluffiest fur! Likely, all of this "play" helps the otter to hone its skills as a skilled predator. Sea otters (Enhydra lutris) are classified as marine mammals and live along the Pacific coast of North America. Once in the water, the sea otter gripped the harbor seal’s head with its forepaws and repeatedly bit it on the nose, causing a deep laceration. †Tyrrhenolutra I just think otters are jerks. People love otters. Genus †Tyrrhenolutra While river otters are specifically mentioned as an animal that can be owned with a permit, this may only apply to native otters. [6] The collective nouns for otters are bevy, family, lodge, romp (being descriptive of their often playful nature) or, when in water, raft. It is said that those possessed by otters lose their stamina as if their soul has been extracted. In theory, yes. And I don't just mean in the way carnivorous species always are to their prey. In water as warm as 10 °C (50 °F), an otter needs to catch 100 g (3.5 oz) of fish per hour to survive. Her lapdog assumed the form of an otter and shared her prolonged lifetime and her extensive wanderings. When it comes to mating, male sea otters are aggressive. To be fair, the vast majority — 77 percent — of the attacks the researchers analyzed involved North American river otters, and none appear to have involved sea otters. Theories for what's behind the drop range widely, but the US Fish and Wildlife Survey's recovery plan for the species highlights predation, in particular from killer whales, as the most important factor behind the decline. Rape — or, as biologists usually call it, "forced copulation" — is a disturbing fact of life in the animal kingdom. The overall effect isn't that large, but every bit helps, and otters deserve some credit for chipping in. Sea otters are considerably more aquatic and live in the ocean for most of their lives. Its usual source of food is fish, and further downriver, eels, but it may sample frogs and birds. Otters are carnivorous mammals in the subfamily Lutrinae. "The saving of the sea otter," writes Glenn Vanblaricom of the University of Washington in his book on the animal, "is indeed one of the great success stories in marine conservation.". They grow to one meter (3 to 4 ft) in length and weigh from five to 15 kilograms (10 to 30 lb). When the female surfaced, the male stole her food (a clam), after which the female and pup quickly departed.The human equivalent of this is probably going to a grocery store parking lot, finding a woman coming out with a small child, and holding a gun to the kid's head until the mom gives you some of her food. Otters live up to 16 years; they are by nature playful, and frolic in the water with their pups. In Japanese folklore, they fool humans in the same way as foxes (kitsune) and tanuki. These included hats and belts. Giant otter: Native to South America, these otters are very large, quite noisy, and actually very social. This decline in populations is due to hunting to supply the demand for skins. †Sardolutra This skill must be learned by the young.[12]. The mean tracheal length of the North American river otter is 15.3 cm (6.0 in), or 23.2% of the body length. First, male otters sometimes hold pups ransom to force their mothers to give up some of their food. Lutra Genus †Torolutra They are usually on the ground when they are gathering branches and cutting smaller trees, so that they can build a dam. These meat-eating pests can affect local fish populations and leave discarded bones littered along shores and riverbanks. Want to help animals? Otter, any of 13–14 species of semiaquatic mammals that belong to the weasel family and are noted for their playfulness. Their historic range included shallow waters of the Bering Strait and Kamchatka, and as far south as Japan.
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